Saturday, June 27, 2009


Pomeranians require careful grooming. Pomeranians do not need as much grooming as some other long haired dogs, however you should brush your Pomeranian 2 or 3 times a week. Be prepared to do extra brushing when the dog is shedding.

This toy dog's coat should not be brushed when it is dry. It is best to mist the coat with a bit of water first. If you desire, you may add a bit of conditioner to the water, as well. A bristle or a pin brush is recommended for a Pomeranian.

All loose hair from the dog must be removed or the
Pomeranian's may get matts which would then need to be removed by clipping. In the case of pet Pomeranians, for the purpose of cleanliness, it is recommended to clip the hair around the Pomeranian's anus. When brushing your pet, make sure to pay attention to the area behind the ears and the groin area, as these areas are problem areas prone to knots and tangles.

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